Welcome to my new website.
I’m really excited about the new site because it is going to give me a chance to share what I’m working on now and what I’m up to in the near future. It also gives me the chance to share my thoughts and feelings on the art of film composing and what its like to be composer in the city of Toronto.Currently I have a number of projects on the go.The first of which is the hand drawn animated short, In Memory of The Norther Oak. The music for this film by Prashant Miranda is going to branch off from my usual realm of original composition. For this film I am going to be bringing together many different musicians to create an expressive and organic arrangement of The Temagami Round by Marie Lynn-Hammond. It screens at the Royal Ontario Museum in December. I’ll keep you posted as the details begin to surface.


Also, I just wrapped up writing the music for Steven Cerritos’ short film/pilot for Mr. Serial Killer. Its a disturbing twisted show that plays off of those old Mr. Men and Little Miss books you read as a child. The music came out great and I’m looking forward to sharing some of my favourite parts with you all. Just need to bring in some live players to take it up several notches.Next up, I’m working on another short, Penpals. This is my first project with award-winning Toronto director, Gerald Patrick Fantone. It features a great cast and crew as well as a very original story that blurs the line between fantasy and reality. Musically its great because it gives me a chance to compose epic orchestral music as well as light ambient underscore.  Again, lots of details coming soon.


Lastly, starting November I am starting work on a feature film with long time collaborator Noam Kroll. The film is called “Footsteps”. Its a disturbing tail about a fathers desire for his son who just returned from iraq to be just like him. This is going to be a tremendous undertaking and Ill be updating with all sorts of news and photos from the writing and recording sessions for this film. Check out the teaser trailer here!


That is all for now. Looking forward to posting on a regular basis.
Oh! and one more thing, you can like me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/craigsaltz.torontocomposer

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