Its starting to get cold here in Toronto and I’m hard at work producing the best music I ever have.

Last week I finished Prashant Mirandas documentary, In Memory of the Northern Red Oak. I ended up getting a lot of really great players to come out and play on this one. What a treat to have some of Toronto’s finest players out to contribute. Peirson Ross and Willow Rutherford contributed their solo voices while a whole bunch of my friends made it out to be a part of the vocal chorus. The end results sounded really beautiful and Prash was very happy with the results. The screening is mid December at the AGO and after that I can go ahead and post the video online for all to see. Ill be sure to blog about it here and get it up online.

Secondly I’m knee deep working on the feature “Footsteps”. This film is proving to be quite a journey and its going to truly feature music that blows anything I have ever done right out of the water. Very excited to share with all of you asap. In the meantime you can join the “Footsteps” facebook group here.

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